Tidal Wave Aims to constantly adapt and
conquer the digital marketing landscape,
giving you the edge necessary to dominate your industry.

We work at the core of our clients’ businesses, improving the customer experience where it matters most, and where digital marketing can deliver the most value…


We gather, analyze, and interpret information about your specific market and the product or service you are selling in your market. We look at past, present and potential customers of your product or service and we research into their buying charteristics, spending habits, and needs. We then evaluate your industry as a whole including the competitors you face.


Our strategy for you is a combination of all of your marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. We draw from market research, and focus on the right advertising mix in order to achieve your maximum profit potential.


Here we create demand for your product or service.

We specialize in developing innovative social media marketing campaigns that actually convert. Our team develops quality ad content that increases brand recognition and drives conversions through strategic and highly targeted campaigns.


Here we capture demand for your product or service.

We have extensive expertise in developing search network campaigns that will identify specific opportunities in your target market. By optimizing and ranking top of page we effectively capture demand for your product or service when a potential customer is ready to buy.

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