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We Love When Our Clients Win

Tidal Wave was founded after several businesses approached Dave and Steve to help them with their advertising. These businesses noticed what they were up to and wanted a piece of the action. Here are just a few of our clients’ success stories:

ColorWerks Powder Coating was started by 4 close friends and brothers. They built an impressive system to powder coat any car wheel with over 6,500 color options. Even though business started booming right away, their problem was spending way too much on advertising.

The Tidal Wave team immediately cut their advertising spend in half and increased their leads by 4x. ColorWerks now closes up to 4 deals in a single day at a minimum starting rate of $675 per deal directly from our advertising. They now want to franchise their model.

CinchSell hired Tidal Wave Advertising to open up new avenues for lead generation. Their main strategy is cold calling, which works well for them, however, they wanted more.

Within the first 14 days, Taylor, the sales manager for CinchSell, closed on a home and estimated a profit of over $30,000. They have been using Tidal Wave’s advertising for 3 months and have received leads every week, including through their new Facebook Messenger bot, which Tidal Wave created and installed for them.

Steve, a co-founder of Tidal Wave, is heavily involved in the wakeboard and boating community of Colorado. After having huge success with his boat cleaning product, Boat Juice, he was approached by Rocky Mountain Boat Co. to run their advertising.

Tidal Wave developed an ad campaign that generated 15 leads within 7 days. RoMo Boat Co. closed a lead within 10 days, making a $20,000 profit instantly. The boat company was not prepared for all the leads coming in, so they shut down their ads while they find a sales rep to handle the orders. They’ll be ramping up here very soon.

Steel City Solar approached Steve at Tidal Wave after noticing all the ads we were running for Boat Juice and Rocky Mountain Boat Co. The owner of Steel City, Neil, was super impressed with the advertising and results Steve was getting for both of these companies.

They were virtually doing no advertising, and now Steel City is known as the neighborhood brand for solar energy. They get contacted daily from homeowners who want to switch to solar energy.

We Eat Our Own Medicine

Dave and Steve, who run their own companies, use the same advertising methods for their businesses as they do with their clients. Here are a few of their success stories:

Launched at the end of 2017, Steve Weaver, founder of Boat Juice and Co-Founder of Tidal Wave Advertising, took his brand and boat cleaning product from $0 to over $30,000 a month in online sales using a special trifecta of Facebook Ads, Amazon, and Shopify. His success comes from building the perfect custom audience of boat enthusiasts who are “hot buyers”.

After developing his audience over several months, Steve took it a step further and started selling boats at a $20,000 profit each.

David Anderson, a co-founder of Tidal Wave Advertising, loves personal development, entrepreneurship, and mindset growth. After David and his good friend went to a life-changing men’s event in San Diego, they realized there was a big lack in a positive community for men who want to live their best life.

Over the past 2 years, Denver Elite Men has become the fastest growing men’s mastermind for entrepreneurs who want to increase their health, wealth, and relationships. They have nearly 400 members in their Facebook group and expect anywhere from 30 to 60 men at their monthly events. David’s secret for growth: Facebook.

Yes, even Tidal Wave Advertising eats their own medicine. We receive multiple inbound leads every day from businesses who have seen our advertising and want to hire us.

The team recently took on Alex Novosel as a regional sales manager to handle all of the new requests and we’re absolutely excited with what we can do for you.

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