If you are reading this, you either own a solar company or you work for a solar company. Either way, you have one task. That task is to get more solar jobs. How can you do that in a fast and scalable way? Solar Lead Generation. 

Today, I’m going to give you 7 reasons why you should hire us to provide you with Solar Leads:

1. We Are Solar Lead Generation Specialists 

Why hire someone completely new to the solar industry. You will find yourself explaining far too much about the solar industry and business. Instead, go with a team that has spent 2 years in the industry helping solar companies not only with solar lead generation but also setting the sales appointments and closing the sales presentations. We work with clients all over the nation giving us a unique perspective on the solar market. Ask us about our research in emerging and hot solar markets. 

2. We Compile Nationwide Data

By running advertisements at a nationwide level we benefit from tracking data at a nationwide level. There are certain behaviors and types of people that we have data on that might not be a part of your current data. Whether it be people visiting your website or liking your Facebook page, we can track and target those types of people. The most successful advertising (no matter if it’s a new blog post, a video, or an ebook) is done with proper targeting, which isn’t possible without good data. When it comes to developing the best solar lead generation strategies, data is essential. 

3. Legitimate Call-to-Actions

I’ve seen it over and over again. Most advertisers and solar lead generation companies play the numbers game. They try to push as many leads as possible, no matter the quality. The problem with that model is they trick people into becoming leads with ads that say something like, “FREE SOLAR ENERGY PANELS!” Sure you will get a bunch of leads, but are those leads you want to call? We would rather launch an ad that has a legitimate call-to-action, where the lead knows they are going to talk to a solar energy expert about a consultation.

4. We Combine Multiple Platforms

We use every tool we can to get your brand name out there. Google, Facebook, Instagram, your website, blogs, and ebooks. By using multiple platforms, we are able to get that snowball effect, each platform building and growing together.

5. We Qualify You

We don’t just work with any solar companies. We want to work with the best companies that we know can handle our leads. If you don’t have trained sales reps that are willing to follow up and speak to us about strategies, we don’t want to work with you. Nothing against you, but it is a waste of time for both parties if you don’t have reps that can close deals.

6. Experience in Solar Lead Generation

Tidal Wave consists of team members with over a decade of marketing and sales experience each. We have spent the last two years specializing with solar companies, just like you, to close more solar installation jobs.

Tidal Wave has consulted with over 300+ solar companies around the United States and positioned ourselves as industry leaders.

By analyzing and operating in the solar industry on a national level, Tidal Wave fully understands the solar business. Everything we have to offer you directly relates to increasing your revenue.

7. We Check In

Every month we check-in. We send you a full report – all the analytics, where the money is going, and how many leads you’re generating. Also, we will check in with your sales rep. Before I started my own business, I worked in corporate and with over 200 sales reps that I would check in with. We do the same exact thing with our solar companies. I will have a main point of contact in your company to make sure we get feedback, why the deals are closing, why they aren’t closing, and what we can do to improve. There is a night and day difference between a sales rep with a positive mindset that’s experienced, on top of the leads, and providing feedback compared to one that is negative, not following up, and not willing to improve.

Hiring the right solar marketers can be difficult, you want to make sure you know who you are hiring. When you are working with someone, check off all these items. If you want to have a conversation or want more information, Click Here.