Our Process

Step by Step

Over the past 15 years, we’ve built a successful formula that works.

Where Most Marketers Fail to Deliver, We Have a Repeatable System that Works Every Time.


Step 1: Research

Receive a 20-question marketing questionnaire so we can identify your perfect customer and any potential opportunities for growth in your market.

Step 2: Collect Customer Data

Our secret sauce and where most advertisers fail: collect data from your perfect customer.

Step 3: Create Ads

We create your company’s ad copy, images, videos and the perfect hook on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 4: Optimize

Using our software, we create 100 different versions of your new ads. Every day we eliminate the ads that don’t perform and keep the ones running that generate sales.

Step 5: Refine Data

Every day our data is being refined and updated to keep your advertising targeting your perfect customers.

Step 6: Retarget

Anytime your potential customers land on your website or view one of your ads, we will retarget them until they decide to move forward. Your company will appear more massive and credible in their eyes.

Step 7: Automate Sales

Get an automatic text and email as soon as your new lead comes in. We help you build an automated process to follow up.

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