Solar Companies: sell more installs through exclusive leads and Appointments.

Grow with the #1 Business Experts in Solar Energy

one system that generates 100% exclusive solar sales. 

Get more SOLAR SALES without having to door knock, cold call or share leads.


Instead, use one proven system to generate 100% exclusive appointments with solar-qualified homeowners.

Lead Generation

We specialize in attracting and converting potential clients who have indicated interest in residential solar power into warm sales leads. 

Appointment setting

We have developed a team of well-trained and experienced appointment setters who will contact your leads, qualify them, and arrange the appropriate sales appointment for your sales team. 

sales consulting

Most leaders know there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. We’ll help you uncover your greatest opportunities for growth and provide you with a roadmap to get there.

Our Story

Tidal Wave consists of a team members with over a decade of marketing and sales experience each. We have spent the last two years specializing with solar companies, just like you, to close more solar installation jobs.

Tidal Wave has consulted with over 300+ solar companies around the United States and positioned ourselves as industry leaders.

By analyzing and operating in the solar industry on a national level, Tidal Wave fully understands the solar business. Everything we have to offer you directly relates to increasing your revenue.  

featured partners

Some of the most successful solar businesses nationally depend on Tidal Wave, and that’s no coincidence. They know we are always innovating with their needs in mind and that, with us, they have access to the most cutting-edge marketing, tailored support and valuable expertise.







“Closing up to 13 a week!”

"When I first started working with Tidal Wave, we set a goal to close over 10 a month. Now we're closing up to 13 a week!"

Barrett Solar

“Over 30 appointments each week.”

"Tidal Wave has continued to push us higher results than any other solar lead provider, including HomeAdvisor, Solar Reviews, and Clean Energy."

Green Ridge Solar

“They beat 7 other lead providers.”

"We put Tidal Wave to the test against 7 other solar lead providers and they came ahead after 90 days. They are now our primary source for more qualified appointments."

AZ Sun Services


What are your agreement terms?

Our lead generation agreements are based on purchasing a quantity batch of exclusive leads. After consulting and understanding your business needs and sales goals we reverse engineer how many leads you will need to achieve your sales goals.

This will be based on the appointment set rate produced by your team or ours and the close rate your team produces.

From here we set a lead amount and your term of the agreement lasts until those leads are delivered. After that time we evaluate performance, propose solutions to improve results and you have the option to purchase another batch of leads to start another agreement with us. It’s that simple.  

How qualified are your leads/appointments

If you are interested in purchasing leads know that all homeowners that submit their info are required to perform an SMS verification to ensure a valid mobile phone number.

If you are interested in our appointment setting service we will train our team on your specific qualifying criteria. In general, we screen for homeownership, roof condition, sun exposure, credit score, household income, and spouse approval. 

How Many Leads/Appointments can your system generate?

We have strategies to develop 10 to 100 leads per market per week. Our expertise is aligning with your growth and sales goals.  

What are your conversion rates?

On average 20% of our leads turn into qualified appointments and 10% close as solar sales. We expect one solar sale for every 10 leads generated.