Growing any small business from ideation to execution can be the challenge of a lifetime. But solar energy businesses, in particular, pose a number of unique obstacles that can halt many would be moguls dead in their tracks.

Unlike other more established industries, the solar energy market is relatively new and poorly understood, making it all the more essential that you are able to quickly (and inexpensively) find, acquire, and educate new leads on the value of the products and services you provide.

To assist you in this noble endeavor (#savetheplanet) we’ve put together a quick guide to the 3 best tactics that you can use to start generating more leads for your solar energy company… Today.

Interested? I thought so. Let’s dive in.

Method #1: Google PPC

One of the most challenging aspects of finding leads for your solar installation company is targeting your marketing material to individuals who are actually interested in solar energy. Unlike products in the fitness, business development, or self improvement spaces, solar energy is a very niche market and only a tiny subset of the population have the need or the means to make a purchase from your company.

Luckily, Google makes it relatively easy to find these exact individuals through their Adwords platform more commonly known as Google PPC (pay per click).

The concept is simple.

You, as the advertiser, select a small group of highly specific keywords that are only searched by your ideal customer. For example, if you’re based out of Boulder, Colorado, one of your target keywords might be, “Solar installation companies boulder colorado”.

Once you’ve selected your keywords, Google will charge you a flat fee per click (the more competitive the keyword, the higher the cost per click) and your website will show up at the very top of the search engine results page for your target keyword.

This is a fantastic tactic that allows you to only pay when qualified leads visit your website.

We recommend that you use this tactic if you are in a rural or less populated area. This will ensure that you aren’t competing with big solar brands for keywords and paying an exorbitant fee per click.

Method #2: Facebook Advertising

Although Google Adwords is great, the sheer amount of data that Facebook has aggregated in recent years has made them the go to source for online advertising.

With Facebook ads, you can hyper target your ads so that they only appear to homeowners in a specific area, earning a certain income, with specific interests and hobbies that suggest they are an ideal candidate for a solar energy solution.

The upside of this platform is obvious. Better targeting = better quality leads = more sales. The downside, unfortunately, is that Facebook advertising has become so saturated with marketers from every industry that you’ll need a monthly marketing budget of at least $1,000 a month in addition to some serious advertising know-how.

By working with a reputable Facebook advertising agency that specializes in solar energy lead generation (like Tidal Wave Advertising 😉 you can increase your chances of success and stretch your advertising budget farther than it would otherwise go.

If you have the budget and the patience for this method it is, bar none, the best way to generate a massive influx of new solar installation leads in no time flat.

Method #3: Search Engine Optimized Website

Finally, we have Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Although the first two websites for any given keyword are almost always “awarded” to the highest bidder, the other websites on the search engine results page are earned by companies that create valuable, relevant, and comprehensive content (and who understand the nuances of on page website optimization).

I know this might sound like I’m speaking a different language, but I promise it’s a lot simpler than you think. If you regularly write, record, or otherwise produce valuable content that people enjoy and engage with, Google will see this as a sign that your website is valuable to people searching for your target keywords. The more quality and quantity of content you can produce, the more Google will favor your website in the search engines and the more likely it is that you will be the #1 result for your specific keyword. Simple, right?

Just be sure that your website is optimized with some sort of free offer like an eBook or video course explaining the benefits of solar energy so that you can capture all of the new leads coming to your website organically. If you don’t have the budget to leverage Facebook or Google Adwords, building your SEO presence over the course of 6-12 months will give you a free and consistent method of generating highly qualified leads each and every day… Without lifting a finger.